About Us

Sam Bakhtiar

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is the Co Founder of The Camp Transformation Center. He has helped transform THOUSANDS of people not only physically but what he feels is even more important "mentally".

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Bakhtiar has degrees in nutrition and pre-medicine. He is also the author of the popular book "The Total Body Transformation Secrets"

His passion for "body transformations" began with his own.

Dr. Bakhtiar, transformed his own physique from a scrawny, awkward kid to a Champion bodybuilder who holds the record of having a first place title in every weight class.

Today, he is a proud husband and father of two beautiful girls and a devoted family and business man.

Alejandra Font

Alejandra Font has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.

After the birth of her second child Alejandra decided to transform her body by way of clean eating and exercise.

She was so happy with the results it became a new found passion.

She decided to make a career out of it and help others do the same.

Together with Sam Bakhtiar, they founded The Camp Transformation Center.

Now with multiple locations and growing, they have helped transformed 1000s of people's lives.

Erick Salgado

Erick Salgado "The Ab Pro" is one of the business partners involved in building and expanding The Camp Brand.

In 2011 there was only two Camp facilities; the original location in Chino and Erick's small location in Riverside. Erick invested everything into his small Camp facility. He sold his car, lived in his office and taught all of the classes. After a year The Camp became recognized for its fun environment and for its RESULTS!

Nowadays Erick's primary role involves working with his business partners to develop and improve The Camp.

He underwent his own body transformation when he decided not to let his slow metabolism be an excuse to be overweight.

Erick started to compete in natural body building in 2006, became a national men's physique competitor in 2011 and even picked up a few modeling gigs.

The experience and knowledge he obtained over the years helps him ensure that clients get amazing results.

Xavier Sanchez

Xavier Sanchez has been involved in sports and athletics for over 25 years.

He recently found a love for transforming his own life and body, but has an even bigger passion for helping others reach their goals.

Recently married, Xavier decided he needed to make a permanent career out of transforming the lives of others. So he joined the team of the fast growing The Camp Transformation Center.

In months, he quickly moved up from instructor to personal trainer to general manager. Now, together with Sam and Alejandra, he recently opened his first location in Fontana that is growing at a record pace, with plans of opening several more locations in the very near future to continue helping thousands to transform their bodies and lives.