Todd J. Cook

I was wary of starting my own business with no history or knowledge of small business ownership. The Camp seemed like an amazing opportunity, in a growing business field, with the potential to allow me to work without another income.

The reality was better than I could have ever expected. The business model is clear, clean and simple to execute. The franchise fees and royalties are amazingly conservative. The start-up costs for equipment and construction are really reasonable. But most of all, the experience and support provided by the corporation is truly unique and outstanding!!!

The corporate offices provide excellent marketing for your investment and personnel training is also offered. The training is hands-on, comprehensive and ongoing. The total business ownership experience has been challenging, but because of the support and experience of the team at The Camp, it has also been exciting and profitable.

The corporation provides preferred contractors, equipment wholesalers, payroll services, accountants, CPAs, handymen, etc. If you need assistance, they are always ready to help.

Being an Owner at The Camp has allowed me to forgo any other employment or part-time jobs. The income from my single Camp has provided me with an opportunity to increase my savings, continue to save for retirement, provide for my family and to look forward to investing in additional locations.

I can't thank The Camp enough for providing me with an opportunity to work in an industry which supports my lifestyle and my passion of personal fitness. It's an amazing feeling to LOVE your work....

Get in board while you can !!!!!

Todd J. Cook CPP, MBA
President and CEO
Fusion Fitness
The Camp Transformation Center - Westminster

Stephanie M. Lombard

My name is Stephanie Lombard, and I am in love with The Camp Transformation Center. I became a member and challenger in 2014, and have not been able to get enough since, so much so that I decided to approach my husband about owning and operating our own location.

The reason I joined was I had a 3 month old son and a 17 month old daughter at home, and they deserved a mom with energy and good health. I was also an overweight, out of shape, full time 10 hour shift for 40 hours a week operating room nurse.

Now that's a mouth full. Anyhow, I was able to reclaim my inner high school athlete at the age of 32, as well as cancel my weekly chiropractor visits due to my new found lack of back pain, and my knees stopped hurting.

With all that said I was presented an opportunity to inquire about opening a Camp out of state, so I showed up to the meeting with my husband and fast forward a year and a half later and I am blessed to say that we own our own Camp.

This experience has changed our life. So much so, that I can work one day a week as a nurse now, because I love my profession, and my husband is able to walk away from his firefighting career.

We have been touched by all of our AFF (Awesome Fit Family) that have trusted us with their fitness and weight loss transformations. It was life changing for me to feel the love and support from my Camp 3 years ago, and now my family is able to provide that same love and support at our own location.

Thank you to Sam, Alejandra, and Luis for the opportunity to help transform more lives.

Stephanie M. Lombard
The Camp Transformation Center - Long Beach

Rhonda and Paul Tryon

Paul and I are very excited to be a party of The Camp Transformation Center family.

We are anxiously awaiting opening up our first of three camps and hopefully more in the Charlotte, NC area.

We embarked on this journey because we are looking forward to making a positive difference on people's health and fitness goals.

Once we are fully up and running we look forward to telling you and showing you more about our camp experiences. Stay tuned!

Rhonda and Paul Tryon
The Camp Transformation Center - Charlotte

Abigail Preston

It is an honor to be a part of this amazing family where they help you to develop the best of you, to be able to help and improve others.

It's so rewarding to walk into your business and feel the love and excitement from everyone, also feeling the appreciation that we brought something to their community that they never experienced before.

It's amazing that two months after opening our first location, now we have found our second location do to the huge demand for The Camp!

We are so blessed and proud for this opportunity that is forever changing our lives for the better.

Abigail Preston
The Camp Transformation Center - Mexicali and Zona Rio

Chad and Jenn Burleson

Being an owner of The Camp Transformation Center is being a part of something bigger than oneself, it's about a movement, it's about creating and developing a culture, a family of like minded individuals who come together to support one another every single day..

We enjoyed a succesful business career with a large corporation and were on the fast track climbing the corporate ladder, but the job was not fulfilling, it paid well, but it was not rewarding..

Our entire life we had aspirations of owning our own business; after completing my MBA & my wife earning a doctotorate we searched for the right organization/industry that we could be proud of, and that our children would be proud of..

The Camp has done so much for our family; we had been members for over three years prior opening The Camp of our own. We knew that it would be an honor and priveledge to pay forward all that The Camp has helped us accomplish by joining the movement and opening The Camp so that we could transform the lives of so many others just as The Camp transformed our own lives.

Chad and Jenn Burleson
The Camp Transformation Center - Lake Elsinore - Perris - Menifee

Robert Aguilar

I joined the Camp in April of 2016 as a challenger. After, many years of running and managing multiple businesses.

The lack of exercise and high levels of stress had taken there toll on me. I had gained over 50lbs and the medical issues were stacking up. Needless to say I was ready for a change, I started my challenge on April 18th It was hard work, but I gave it my all.

I did 3 challenges and lost close to 60 lbs. Being a business owner myself I recognized the amazing potential of the camp, not just from a financial standpoint, but from one of truly giving back and not just changing but saving people's lives.

I wanted in! I started asking questions and finally was able to get a hold of the CEO. After, a few meetings we had a deal. I purchased 5 locations as the exclusive licensee for the Houston, Tx area.

None of my other business ventures compare to this amazingly rewarding experience of "The Camp TC."

Robert Aguilar
The Camp Transformation Center - Houston

Jeff Carpenter

It is my up most pleasure to own a Camp. You see I have owned other business before I know the freedom and joy of owning my own destiny. However unlike my prior business owning and running a camp is the most rewarding experience I have ever had, I am now in a position to make a difference in peoples lives, and in there families lives and through there transformation it has come back and changed my life.

Since the early 70's at one level or another be it high school sports to college sports working out and health has always been part of my life now at the young age of 57 I am fulfilling a life time passion and making a great living from it. I can truly say I put in many hours but its not work to me its what I live for, I play every day and change peoples life's for the best.

I greatly love and appreciate all of Camp transformation centers corporate staff and particular to my dear friend of over 18 years Dr. Sam Bakhtiar. Sam this has been an incredible journey knowing you and now in the strangest of life circumstances I am blessed with this opportunity to own and run a camp.

From the deepest depth of my heart thanks,

Jeff Carpenter
The Camp Transformation Center - Arlington

Wasima Kaderi

Before joining the Camp, I worked for a big pharmaceutical company called Amgen and planned to retire with the same job. My life seemed like it was at a standstill and without a degree, opportunity for improvement in the corporate spectrum is almost impossible. I knew that deep down, I was unhappy with my job and where my life was headed.

Before the Camp I was always looking for different businesses to start whether I was catering or becoming a distributor for different companies. It wasn't until I joined the Camp to lose weight May of 2015, I realized that my entire life would be changing for the better. During my 6 week challenge, my personal life was falling apart. I had lost my mom to cancer only months earlier and I was going through empty nesting as well as a divorce. I was in the middle of my 4th week of the challenge when I decided this was finally the business that I had been waiting for, something I can be passionate about while also making sure I can be financially stable to support my three children.

Every other aspect of my life was crumbling except for this amazing hope that I was going to finally be able to have a business that promised financial freedom as well as freedom from corporate life. I called Sam Bakhtiar about how I can join the Camp and before my challenge ended I signed my license agreement! There was no fear, no hesitation because I knew that this was what I was meant to do in my life. I didn't worry about how I was going to come up with the money or how I was going to run the business because it felt right and Sam reassured me that he would be there for me every step of the way.

I opened my camp in Chatsworth in June of 2016, a year after my transformation, and have been blessed with a whole new life and a family that has come along with it. I have incorporated healthy eating habits in not only my life, but also my children's lives. As a single mom, I am proud to say that I can support not only my three kids but also 14 employees who have also become my new family. I love my new found passion and I can genuinely say that this is a fulfilling business for me and only in the first 5 months, I was able to open two locations and planning on having my third Camp open before my first year. So it's fair to say that this is an amazing adventure that has come my way.

My transformation is all encompassing as it affected every aspect of my life. All the losses that I had experienced in the prior years are steadily being replaced with new possibilities and people. I love my new life with all it's hidden journeys ahead!

I am grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this business, so thank you!!!

Wasima Kaderi
The Camp Transformation Center - Chatsworth and Fort Worth

Yesenia Gipson

Deshon and I are in the process of opening up our Atlanta location.

We embarked on this journey after completing four challenges and losing 95 pounds combined. We have first hand experience of how the camp changed our lives for the better and we want to pay it forward.

We want to empower others in taking control of their health and fitness.

We can't wait to open and begin adding to all the lives that have been changed by the camp. We can't wait to join the movement!

Yesenia Gipson
The Camp Transformation Center - Suwanee

Brett Christenson

Before joining The Camp Transformation Center, I had let myself go and was your typical early 30's out of shape Dad with a beer gut and no motivation to do anything about it. I discovered The Camp after a friend of mine had asked me to go for months but I was reluctant to try a "Boot Camp" because I thought it was for women. After one class at The Camp TC Rancho with Killer Tim, I was hooked. I then heard about The 6 Week Challenge, went to an orientation, and changed my life forever. It gave me the motivation to go from a 231 pound couch potato, to a lean, 180 pound triathlete who will be running in The Boston marathon in 2017 after qualifying with a 3:02:00 or 6:58/min mile pace for 26.2 miles. I now compete in Ironman Triathlons as well. This was all possible because of what I learned at The Camp. Kick ass, have a goal, don't give up and achieve that shit no matter what.

Because this made such a difference in my life, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others by helping them achieve their goals too. This lead me to my decision to start a camp in Vancouver, WA and I've been reaping the benefits ever since. We've now been through 3 challenges, helped people lose 1,000's of pounds, and made some amazing relationships with some truly amazing people. I love the challenges that I face everyday as a small business owner. Everything you do goes towards making your business better and every bit of it matters. After working as a Director of Sales for several multi billion dollar companies, I was tired of how slow everything moved, how little your contribution meant, and how unrewarding it all was at the end of the day. By changing these people's lives, I became rich before ever counting one dollar of profit. This is a truly rewarding lifestyle.

On top of everything you learn, how rewarding it is, and the endless amount of gratitude you receive from your AFF, The Camp also has a sound business model. With multiple revenue streams that all work together, you really do have the opportunity to make a very good living in a short amount of time. With only 5 months under my belt, I'm already recognizing positive cash flow and will be looking to open my second camp in the next few months. My only regret is that I didn't quit my job and get involved with the camp sooner. My advice to anyone thinking about doing the same is "Join The Movement".

Brett Christenson
The Camp Transformation Center - Vancouver

Charles Cook

My team and I are all grateful to become business owners under The Camp Transformation Center Model.

As a Master trainer and gym owner, I was pleased to have had the opportunity to meet Sam who briefly shared with me the Camp business model before stopping by my gym and inviting me and my team to come out to California and visit the Chino Hills office and Camp there.

Upon seeing The Camp and after training an early morning session where I experienced The Camp culture in person, I was hooked and brought the model back to Pittsburgh. What The Camp gave me was some needed structure and has since enabled me to build the kind of culture that fuels long term interest and drives people back to our facility time again and again.

I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to share in such a dynamic business model and look forward to what the future holds as we look to open two additional facilities within the upcoming year. Here's to The Camp!

Charles Cook
The Camp Transformation Center - Pittsburgh

Amber Relis

My name is Amber and I started with the camp almost 2 years ago.

I started as a challenger overweight under motivated and completely unhealthy. I was skeptical myself since I had tried so many diets before. But I signed with the full intent of getting my deposit back.

By week 3 I was in love. I felt amazing and was already inquiring about working at the camp when my challenge was over. Well I ended up working as the camp when my challenge was over and within 6 months I was asking for my own camp.

Seeing how the camp changed my life and being there to help other on their journey was amazing. I knew that this was a way I could help other gain back the self confidence that I had lost along the way.

The camp has truly changed my life and countless others.

Amber Relis
The Camp Transformation Center - Lake Forest

Jeremy & Angela Croteau-Worley

I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to give a testimony about how the camp has affected our lives. First, I'd like to give you a little history about us. Jeremy began plumbing at the age of 15 for his parents plumbing company and eventually became a contractor and started his own business, JC Worley Plumbing, in 2007 which was very successful. My background is in fitness as my BS degree is in Kinesiology and I have a Masters in Education. I was a teacher and coach for many years. I taught Physical Education, Health, Athletic Training and coached Track & Field and Cross Country. I later started a non-profit program, The San Diego Youth Fitness Club, which gave me the opportunity to coach/teach youth about health and fitness.

In October of 2015, Jeremy found that his body was deteriorating from his life of plumbing and he was unhappy with his health. Although his work was extremely physical, it was not the same as exercising....and it was certainly not emotionally or mentally fulfilling. At that time he contacted his brother Jeff to inquire about "this new gym" he had opened in the High Desert and Jeff invited him to come take the challenge that was starting in November. Jeremy jumped in with both feet and never looked back. He embraced the challenge and everything about the camp; and came home one day to tell me "Please trust me....we've got to start a camp!" He took me to a Pack the Camp and that was all it took. I told Jeremy that in all of my years in fitness, I had never seen anything like this before and I was in awe!

Not long after that, we had our first partner's meeting with Jeff and Michelle. We were eager to start a camp, but knew we needed help and they graciously decided to partner up with us on this adventure to bring the camp to Texas. After living in California (mostly San Diego) our entire lives, we left our families, our businesses, our financial stability, our friends, and the list goes on...and moved to Texas to open up Richardson.

Wow is all I can say after that! Although this process has been a roller coaster ride like no has been the experience of a lifetime! I have cried countless tears with clients who have gotten off medication, prevented surgery or simply were able to get into clothes not worn in 10 years. The well being of our clients is what wakes us up every day at 3:00 AM and drives us to work hard and be great! The camp is capable of doing what most people consider impossible. The camp allows people to meet health and fitness goals that seemed unachievable. The camp gives people a way to change their lives and their families lives forever. THE CAMP MOVEMENT is like nothing out there and Jeremy and I are honored to have the awesome privilege to be a part of that now.

So although there are growing pains with any business, the camp has changed our lives forever! THANK YOU for taking your love and passion for fitness and health and pursuing this dream. Without that....we wouldn't be able to tell you our camp story!


Jeremy & Angela Croteau-Worley
The Camp Transformation Center - Richardson

Mandy and Jesse Miller

Jesse and I are incredibly blessed and consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of The Camp Transformation Center Family.

We began as challengers in Temecula California, and quickly realized how truly special The Camp is.

I have personally witnessed so many lives being changed, mine included and could not let this opportunity to be a part of the team pass us by. January 9th 2017 was the very first day we opened our doors for a challenge, and the outpouring of love, hard work and dedication from our new Jacksonville AFF has been tremendous and incredibly rewarding.

Through this journey from challenger, member, camp staff in Temecula to now an owner has been difficult at times. But the reward, personal growth, witness of others growth has been life changing and we can't imagine doing anything else. This is not a job, this is our life.

Thank you Sam for all you do!

Mandy and Jesse Miller
The Camp Transformation Center - Jacksonville

Greg and Suzanne Haney

My wife and I have found bringing The Camp to San Antonio, TX to be one of the most rewarding efforts we have undertaken in our lives. We're proud of being part of a family of owners and partners who truly care about helping change peoples' lives for the better. Having that as the primary goal makes the work so much more enjoyable.

Having come from a large corporate workplace, the ability to evoke change quickly, be out-of-the-box creative, and move quickly on business opportunities is the ultimate career achievement for us.

And with The Camp's corporate marketing support, it's a recipe for success that most small business owners don't have access to. The Camp offers our family the ability to generate substantial income while providing a meaningful experience for our customers.

This is truly the best opportunity a small business owner could hope for.

Greg and Suzanne Haney
The Camp Transformation Center - San Antonio

Greg and Carmen Guiness

In February 2016, Greg and I joined The Camp family as Licensees. This very same month, our oldest daughter Kathryn graduated from college and got married on the same day.

Some might of called us crazy for investing in The Camp instead of throwing our daughter an elaborate wedding.

We officially opened our Milwaukie-Portland Oregon camp on October 31, 2016. Even though we are only a few months old, the camp has already provided the freedom to build a secure business.

The Camp's business model is solid and the support from other camp owners/corporate is amazing. The most rewarding aspect of being a camp owner is changing lives for the better and earning a living at it!

We are so proud to be Camp owners and we see through our hard work the potential to be financially independent, own a business not just create a job for ourselves (been there done that), make a difference in society and most important to us, be an example to our children.

Greg and Carmen Guiness
The Camp Transformation Center - Milwaukie

Saul Gonzales

Where do I start? Starting off at The Camp as a member I would always ask everyone I came into contact with on how I could become more involved with this amazing place that no one ever wants to leave.

I was fortunate to be able to finally sit down with Sam personally and have him explain exactly how and why it is that you do what you do, and extremely fortunate for you to accept me as part of The Camp family. The Camp has afforded me opportunities that had previously seemed unreachable. Even though my whole adult life I have been self - employed and thought I was doing well, I never had a specific direction on how to elevate my business to the next level.

The Camp, combined with your expert tutelage, has opened up my way of business thinking. Before, I would look at people as strictly dollar signs. Now, being a part of something that actually changes peoples lives, confidence, and overall outlook on their lives gives me a new found drive to want to wake up every morning with the thought of helping as many people as I possibly can.

The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that I feel each and everyday can never be replaced by the thought of dollar signs. It has truly not only changed our clients lives but mine as well and for this I will always be in your debt.

Even though it may be a lot more work than I ever thought it would be, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else at this point in my life.

Thank you Sam & Ale, for giving my life purpose and meaning.

Saul Gonzales
The Camp Transformation Center - Fresno

Michole McBroom

Michole McBroom

Michole McBroom is the founder of Ladies First Fitness and Spa.

Ladies First is the largest all women's gym in the Antelope Valley since 2003. She has created a safe place for women to transform their bodies and minds.

A graduate of Cal State University Northridge, Michole has degrees in Accounting and Business Management. She has been the CFO and Controller of several large corporations worth over 400 million to smaller operations generating approximately 12 million in revenue.

Fitness started off as a hobby and became a passion after Michole's divorce.

This life changing event made her realize that health and fitness can get you through the toughest of times and come out a winner.

She has joined forces with The Camp Transformation Center Team and is continuing her mission to help every person she meets find their inner strength through fitness and health.

Michole McBroom
The Camp Transformation Center - Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Lancaster, Woodland, Ventura, Simi Valley

Chad and Jenn Burleson

Chad and Jenn Burleson

Chad and Jenn Burleson are both former college athletes; their passion for health and fitness began at an early age however really skyrocketed in 2011 when they were introduced to The Camp as members.

"Like many of us, life sometimes got in the way of our fitness goals and our physical health became less of a priority. After a difficult wake-up call and realization that we would not be any good to our children or our family and friends if we didn’t first take care of ourselves, we made commitments to each other that we would make our health the priority."

Chad with a Master's degree in Business and Jenn with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership felt they could help transform the lives of so many by joining the movement.

You will find Chad or Jenn working hard in the office, the community, and on the mat with fellow challengers & members helping others in their own pursuit to lifestyle change just as The Camp did for them years ago.

Chad and Jenn Burleson
The Camp Transformation Center - Lake Elsinore, Perris and Menifee

Sumedha & Sonakshi Sagar

Sumedha & Sonakshi Sagar

Sumedha & Sonakshi Sagar are young women with the drive and discipline to succeed. Growing up as active athletes, the two sisters have always had a passion for Sports & Fitness.

Since a young age, they had an ambition to overpower the standard norm. Both graduated high school at the age of sixteen, were the youngest players on the United States International Women's Cricket team, and graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with honors.

The Camp Transformation Center reignited their passion for fitness and their drive to help others. They joined The Camp team in early 2015 and have worked their way up to managing and owning multiple of their own locations. Changing lives one day at a time.

Sumedha & Sonakshi Sagar
The Camp Transformation Center - El Monte, West Covina, Northridge, Van Nuys, Sta. Clarita, San Fernando and Monrovia